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I love twinkle lights and especially this year after another strange one, the Holiday Season brings a great distraction. Full of cooking and lots, and lots of twinkle lights!

I have much to be grateful for this year. Two books out in the Madigan Chronicles series with book 3 "THE WAND" for worldwide release on Feb 1st, 2022 Imbolc! You can already reserve your copy in all your favorite stores!!! I'm currently working on "The Cup" book 4.

It's was so good to have spend time in our home in Ireland and enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful nature there. The land speaks to me, and gives me so much energy. It feeds the soul in a completely different way than New Orleans. With it's wild people energy. Both is exiting and helps me being inspired.


The eBook features Nicole Ruijgrok's gorgeous cards in color. Here is the one from "The Wand" chapter 1. Can't rave enough about her art and the amount of work she puts into this!

Equally beautiful in black and white. This is from Chapter 6 of "The Wand".


Wishing you all lovely Holidays and a magical 2022!!!


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