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As the first episode in what promises to be a spectacular series, fans of paranormal urban fantasy will not want to miss this thrilling new series. -- Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

“Lucy may be our favorite villain so far this year. She is simultaneously despicable yet relatable. We loved to hate her. We hated to love her.”
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Bridget, a member of the Madigan family, is a young detective working in Boston on a new murder case involving a witch. Even though she has sworn never to use magic again, she uses her powers to watch a flashback from the murder. Horrified to recognize her grandmother the family matriarch, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Not ready to implicate her Granny as the murderer, she heads back to the place she thought she would never return to, New Orleans, and confronts her family. This sets off an unstoppable magical rollercoaster and unearths some long-kept family secrets. Their family bond is tested to the limit. Will they be strong enough to keep that centuries-old promise and protect the elemental power objects from a dark witch?

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The Dagger (The Madigan Chronicles Book 1) by Marieke Lexmond is a sensational urban fantasy. With thrilling scenes, a dramatic story arc, and an astounding conclusion, the book is riveting from the first page until the last. A captivating novel with an engaging plot and exciting action-filled scenes that include witches, spells, and a trip through the fairy world, it is an enthralling tale that is the perfect book to curl up with during inclement weather. Entertaining and superbly written, it is an enchanting novel that will captivate fans of urban fantasy who enjoy stories with magic related to witches in our modern era. As the first episode in what promises to be a spectacular series, fans of paranormal urban fantasy will not want to miss this thrilling new series. -- Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

The Dagger by Marieke Lexmond is an exceptional story filled with excitement and non-stop action. I loved all of the characters in the story; they were unique, well-developed, and definitely memorable. The author's amazing ability for storytelling and descriptive narrative brought everything to life. Lucy was an amazing character, so vengeful and calculating, and because she had no thought for others, this always gave her the upper hand. Tara's loyalty to her sister was unquestionable and she was fearlessly protective of those close to her. There are so many obstacles the Madigan women have to maneuver through as Lucy unleashes her powers against them. I thought the plots twists were brilliant; the story never once lost its intrigue or magic. There are so many different relationships that are developed brilliantly throughout.
Family feuds are resolved as past betrayals and deceptions are confronted. The storyline really highlights the rivalry within families and reminds us to treasure loved ones and not take them for granted. I will never look at a deck of tarot cards in the same way again. -- Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

Witches in the modern world is a beloved story concept and Marieke Lexmond gives it a fresh, exciting premise through the
first book of The Madigan Chronicles. The Dagger takes readers to a number of places such as Boston, New Orleans, Utah, and most fascinatingly, the fairy realm. The world-building is a solid combination of the real world and an otherworldly kingdom ruled by a powerful being. I was immediately invested in the depth of the plot and the complex characters. It’s not just about the conflict between witches but also about mending one’s familial relationships. Bridget Madigan has to balance her role as a
detective, as a family member of powerful witches, and as a woman who wants to live her own way of life. It's a complicated matter especially when she is handed a responsibility that she's not quite ready to handle. Some unwise decisions were made, causing hurtful consequences to the Madigan family but their bond kept them together to confront any obstacles. Lexmond's clear narrative keeps the plot engaging and tense, and one of my favorite scenes is when Luna - Bridget’s mother - releases a significant number of souls trapped in a witch’s table. Simply put, The Dagger is an enjoyable read with an intriguing ending that promises another thrilling adventure of the witches in the sequel to The Madigan Chronicles.-- Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

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