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Marieke Lexmond is a multi-award-winning author and a solitary witch who has lived around the globe. Storytelling has always been in her blood - as a girl she spent all of her allowance on books growing into a young woman earning a Masters Degree from the Dutch Film Academy.  Her long background in filmmaking circled her back to Los Angeles, but she can still be found writing in magical settings like the west coast of Ireland and New Orleans, places that inspire her work. Marieke is also the founder of where her fans can find not only her celebrated books but a whole world of the Madigan Witches.  When she’s not writing, Marieke enjoys reading tarot cards, fine food, photography, and traveling with her sassy little dogs.


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Nicole Ruijgrok has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Her inquisitive mind likes to explore any kind of creative outlet. After her communication and multimedia design study, she took over her father’s body shop, not one for the conventional routes.

She loves art, music, reading, museums, and riding a motorcycle. There are just not enough hours in a day! Her current favorite pastime is designing jewelry. She’s finalizing her degree as a Goldsmith at the only school in the Netherlands where you can get such a degree in the historic ‘silver’ town of Schoonhoven.

Nicole and Marieke are besties since they were six years old. Growing up, you would rarely see one without the other. Always making up fantasy worlds and building fairytale castles of hay on the Lexmond family farm.

Even though they have pursued many different things in life, they’ve always remained close. The Madigan Chronicles was the perfect project to collaborate on!

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