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NEWS 2021

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October 20th, 2021

It was wonderful to talk about creativity and writing with Haden Starbuck. Check out the podcast via this link:

October 15th, 2021

Excited to share my story about molding my passions into writing novels. Check out my article on:


October 10th, 2021

Had a great talk with Carole about life, nature, and the Madigan Chronicles. Here's the link where you can check it out:

October 4th, 2021

Having a great time diving into the Madigan chronicles with Cyndera. Chatting about tarot and how they're woven into the books! Check it out:

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September 26th, 2021

You can catch me on the latest episode of In Search of Reality with Dylan Thomas. We have a fun talk about the books, witchcraft, tarot, and many other things.


September 14th, 2021

I had such a lovely chat with JJ Barnes about the books! Check out the interview here;


SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2021

It was such a pleasure to be a guest on Tarot Visions Podcast. I had a fun chat with Rose about Tarot, witch life, and The Madigan Chronicles and how tarot is featured in there.

The link below, check it out;

Check out the WooWoo blog for 'The 5 best crystals for protection.'

To see my contribution;


JUNE 30th, 2021

Had a wonderful chat with Jimbo Paris about witch life and writing. You can hear the full interview here;

May 31st, 2021

Check out this blog on; LHA, a community of travelers, in which I tell what is involved to travel with dogs!!!

January 10th, 2021

Check out my Author's Interview on Book View Review;

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