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Happy Imbolc, Brigid's Day!

It’s thrilling to have the worldwide release day of “THE WAND” the Madigan Chronicles #3 on Brigid’s Day!!! No doubt Bridget Madigan must go through a lot in this installment, so it feels very fitting to have this book escorted into the world on this particular day.

In this third book of the Madigan Chronicles, the struggle to keep the elemental powers safe continues, and the family dramas deepen.

Want to know more? Go find it in your favorite on-line store, in print or eBook!


Imbolc marks the first day of spring in Gaelic tradition and it’s a time of hope. Spotting the first signs of life between the snow, or even here in New Orleans the Magnolia trees are in full bloom! The ever-growing daylight is waking everyone from their winter slumber.

The last two years have been strange and hard for many. What are your hopes for this year?

Nicole and I are steadily working on the cards for “Tara’s Tarot”, and I’m moving forward with writing book 4 “The Cup”, maybe not as fast as I would like, but unfolding a story has its challenges.


The last couple of weeks have been full of new experiences!! I’ve attended StaarCon 2022 as a SPEAKER/VENDOR, and it was so wonderful. A hybrid conference, it was a wonderful event. It was lovely to meet some people in person and make new friends. While others hang out online and it has the perk to be able to see missed classes for 30 days. Learned a lot!!! Here some pictures. Note to self; take more pictures with friends!


Some of you know I had the privilege of going to Greenland in 2019 and make a documentary. This month “A GREENLAND STORY” won BEST ENVIRONMENTAL on the Montreal Independent Filmfestival. I was one of the producers and co-directed it with Vincent Monahan. If you want to see the trailer, follow this link:

This is a statue of the Goddess Sedna in Nuuk, Greenland.


Wishing you all a blessed Imbolc!


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