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The veil is thin!

Happy Samhain! I hope you had a good evening and manage to connect to whomever you tried to reach. Although for most people it's a time to dress up and party, especially here in New Orleans! I like to remember those who passed away.

We're entering the time of the year to look more within and start nurturing ourselves. Lighting the candles around the house when the days are getting shorter, snuggling up under a blanket on the couch!

Would love to hear what your favorite pastimes are this time of year.


There is lots of things going on in the Madigan world!

First of all "The Wand" The Madigan Chronicles won FIRST PLACE in the category Supernatural Creatures & Beings. AND FIRST PLACE in the category Social Media-Instagram for @underthewitcheshat at The BookFest Awards!!!

It's always so wonderful to receive recognition for the books, but very thrilled that my Instagram page won a price as well. If you're on that platform, give it a follow. I'm the most active on there, it's a mix of posts about real witchcraft, the books and the Madigan world.

The covers of Book 2 "The Magical Tarot Deck" and Book 3 "The Wand" have been updated with some of their awards on it! And "The Dagger" Second Edition is send over to BookBaby for the publishing process.


Here a small impression from the New Orleans decorations, they sure know how to have fun with it.


Wishing you a all a wonderful fall and catch you at Yule tide.


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