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The longest day of the year!

Happy summer solstice! It's hard to believe it's already here. Since a couple of weeks I've been in the Netherlands visiting my mother now we're both vaccinated. I was delighted to catch all the beautiful wildflowers blooming. In the Netherlands they had a cold and wet spring, but the day I arrived I've had the best weather. The poppies are in full force, the dry summer last year and the wet spring are ideal for an explosion of poppies. The red, bright and cheery in the fields. It makes a witches heart sing!

Many excited things have been happening and finally I can share some with you!


"The Magical Tarot Deck" The Madigan Chronicles #2 is finally here!

I'm thrilled to share with you the cover for book 2 of the Madigan Chronicles.

The magical roller-coaster ride continues, with lots of new revelations and exciting adventures in Fairy.

It will be released JULY 23RD on Amazon as eBook and hard-copy, and other stores! You can already pre-order here.

Nicole outdone herself again with some beautifully designed tarot cards for the chapters. It's so exciting to see the Tarot Deck take shape. Here a peek at some of the cards.


This is the time of year to bring projects to bloom, and now I'm in the Netherlands I had the opportunity to meet with Nicole in person and we worked on new ideas for the cards and brainstorming about book four. Can't wait to dive into writing that.

Publicist Tracy Lamourie from Lamourie Media joined The Madigan Chronicles team. I love her energy and looking forward to work with her.

So it has been a busy couple of weeks, fitting with the turn of the wheel!


I've been taking loads of pictures, here is a little selection.

Taking pictures help me to get the creative juices flowing. The beautiful sunsets, the wildflowers and all the little insects are all around at the moment.



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