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Summer Solstice Celebrations!

The longest day of the year! Summer has finally arrived; today is a celebration of the light! I was honored to write a guest blog for Brigit's Garden about the summer solstice. Here's the link:

I'm thrilled that my garden is in full bloom. Although today is actually not a sunny day, I took the time to make a lovely walk under the trees of Kylemore Abby and admire their blooming Victorian Walled garden. Taking a moment to feel the wheel turning into a new stage of the year.

Hopefully you're out and about today to celebrate this day. Baking a pie or have a barbecue with friends.


Super excited that "The Wand" the Madigan Chronicles #3 is on a roll! It's a WINNER in the Outstanding Creator Awards!!! 1st place in category Myths and Legends, winner of the BEST BOOK COVER, 2nd place in Fantasy. And honorable mentions for MAEVE in Best Character & Hottest Character and MAB in Best Villain. FINALIST in the FANTASY category of the Pacific Book Awards!!! WINNER in FANTASY of the MAINCREST Book Awards.

And not only book 3 but "THE DAGGER" the Madigan Chronicles #1 is a SILVER AWARD WINNER in the Literary Titan May book awards!


This week I hope to finish the first draft of "the Cup" the Madigan chronicles #4, very exciting to get it all on the page again. Nicole is busy designing the cards, and hopefully we can get it to you by the end of the year! A lot of exciting things are happening and we get to know more about Luna and Freya. Talking about exciting, I went to Cape Town and had a wonderful time; seeing penguins, whales, ostriches and much more. Lots of new inspiration!


Wishing you all a Happy Summer!


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