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Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox! Looking forward to the world coming back to life. Just popping in with a quick update.

This picture illustrates perfectly my current state. Much has happened. As I had mentioned earlier I was going to Washington DC to speak on a women's conference. But it didn't go as planned. I did make it to DC but got a stomach bug and spend my time there laying in a hotel bed. The fates are messing with me at the moment and absolutely nothing seems to go as planned.

That's how life goes sometimes. The scale is tipping firmly the other way.

Anyway, in the last month we unexpectedly moved back to Los Angeles and I just arrived in Europe. I can't wait to make it to Ireland and concentrate on writing book 5 "The Queen of Fairy"!!! Ideas start to swirl around in my head and it's time for it to take shape.

In the Netherlands the bulbs are out, but in California after all the rain, the flowers are starting to pop.


A little reminder that "The Cup" the Madigan Chronicles #4 is now world wide available also in print! And if you love AudioBooks, the Madigan Chronicles 1-4 are now also available as AudioBook on


I hope you enjoy the Spring!



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