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Spring Equinox!

The wheel is turning and the world on my side of the hemisphere is full of that new life energy. The buds on trees and brush are ready to pop. It's always an optimistic time of year. We can use that with all the horrible things going on in the world. I've arrived back in Ireland and since a day or two I can sense it is not as cold.

After last blog post I have not much news. I'm getting some lovely feedback on "The Wand" book 3 in the Madigan Chronicles and I'm currently working away on book 4 "The Cup".

As you can imagine book 4 is full of water energy and I'm soaking it up here in Ireland! Long beach walks and hikes. Water all around me here. Can't wait for the words to start flowing as well. I've been traveling and that always stagnates the writing. Excited to dive back in.

Happy Ostara! Don't forget to go outside and enjoy some of that Spring vibe today.


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