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Samhain! My favorite.

The cover for Book 3 is here! "THE WAND" the Madigan Chronicles #3. So excited and happy with the design from BookBaby. I think they did a lovely job with expressing the feelings of all that is happening in this story. In the next blog I will be able to let you know the new release date, as things are moving along.


Equally excited about the new cards designed by Nicole Ruijgrok. Here’s another sneak peek!


I love this season, with its wild weather and changing skies. When we retreat and spend more of our time inside, lighting candles and bake. Until now I was in Ireland and the Netherlands with real autumn weather. Or autumn as I remember when I was a child. Stormy! The energy resonates with me and it’s an energetic time. Today we’re actually traveling back to New Orleans, a little sad to miss Halloween night there. I had a lovely time in Europe focusing on writing. As I'm on the road, only a short Blog this time.



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