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Lughnasadh, the middle of summer!

I can't believe how quickly this year is moving. Another turn of the Wheel. It's officially harvest time, my garden is still in full bloom and July has been an exceptionally rainy month. I'm curious what August will bring.


Started on the re-write of "The Queen of Fairy," The Madigan Chronicles #5. It's always exciting to see the story come into its own. Shaving a story line here and there, trying to get the balance right.

Excited that the series keep getting such positive response! "The Dagger" #1 was a winner in the 2nd Quarter of the 2023 Firebird Book Awards. 1st Place in Urban Fiction & 2nd Place in Magical Realism.

And "The Cup," #4, Wins BEST FANTASY in the Pacific Book Awards 2023.


Keeping it short this month, wishing you all a lovely 1st of August!


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