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Here some orange! As we're moving into the season with everything orange. A beautiful sunset from last night felt fitting. As a sunset is a moment in between as well.

So thrilled the Equinox is here and we’re moving into cooler weather and changing landscape. As I’m in Ireland now I’ve been feeling the fall approaching for several weeks. In New Orleans I find that more difficult, as the seasons are slightly shifted somehow. Or anyway what feels natural to me. The land in Ireland speaks to me and I think my magical soul must be from this kind of area, as it resonates strong, and the changes are normal to me. I love autumn/fall! Lighting my candles earlier at night and sitting by a fire, wearing a coat again.


‘The Magical Tarot Deck’ book 2 has been out now for a while and the first responses are coming in. So happy to hear you’re enjoying the Madigan world as much as I do. Currently we’re finishing up book 3 ‘The Wand’ to send it off to the publisher, hopefully by the end of the month. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be hitting the shelves before the end of the year. It’s always a lengthier process than you think. Book 4 ‘The Cup’ is slowly taking shape as I’m currently in chapter three, the Two of Pentacles. Anyway, it’s been busy!

I've been a guest on several podcast and if you want to see where else I've been up to, check out the news section on my website!


The cards Nicole has created for book 3 are simply stunning again. Shhhhhh! Here's a sneak peek:


One of the things I do to recharge and connect to nature here in Ireland is walking in woods that still have mostly native trees. Recently on my drive home, I spotted this happily situated Rowan tree.

Its bright red berries are jumping at you in the landscape. Brushing up my knowledge of this tree inspired me to make a rowan wand. I don’t have one in my collection yet. The Rowan is also commonly known as the mountain ash. Thanking that name as it manages to grow higher up the mountain in some challenging areas full of rocks. The leaves look a bit like ash leaves, hence the name, but it’s not a true member of the ash family. This lovely tree has many magical attributes. It represents courage, wisdom and protection. The Rowan has a long history in the Celtic Lore. If you want to read up on it, there are some wonderful books around. Like “Celtic Tree Mysteries,” from Steve Blamires.


Thank you all for taking the time to read and for your support.

Happy Equinox!!!!

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