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Happy Lughnasadh!

Mid summer, the start of harvest time. Time to celebrate the abundance with a good meal and friends, or family.

The Seven of Pentacles from Tara's favorite Tarot Deck, is very appropriate for this time of year. The hardworking bees are harvesting the fruits of their labor. The dripping honey from the honeycomb represents abundance.


It feels extremely fitting to be in Ireland for this holiday. The beginning of harvest season and the middle of the summer. Abundance! Ireland is a big source of inspiration for me, and the Madigan Chronicles wouldn’t be here without it. It’s the perfect spot to isolate myself and concentrate on writing. Book two “The Magical Tarot Deck” is widely available now as eBook or in print. It’s so exciting to have the second installment out and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it.

Nicole is working hard on the tarot cards of book 3 “The Wand”, which I’m currently doing a re-write on and this week I wrote the first words for “The Cup” The Madigan Chronicles #4.

Besides that, I'm walking the dogs on my favorite spots. You can see the beautiful flowers of the Victorian Walled Garden at Kylemore Abbey in my reel posted today on my Instagram @underthewitcheshat . The hills of the Connemara and the surrounding area with its dramatic light never fails to lighten my mood and plunge me into the fantastical world of the Madigans.


Nicole and I took advantage of my time in the Netherlands to see each other. We worked on the Tarot cards and made a first start on the accompanied book that goes with it when all is finished down the road. We brainstormed about book 4. But we didn't forget to have fun and enjoy each other's company.


Here some more pictures of Ireland.


"The Magical Tarot Deck" The Madigan Chronicles #2 is now available at all your favorite retailers! I would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out on my social medias Instagram @underthewitcheshat or @Mariekelex or on Facebook Marieke Lexmond and Underthewitcheshat.


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