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COMING SOON! 'THE DAGGER' (Madigan Chronicles #1)

Thrilled to share with you the cover for 'THE DAGGER', book 1 in THE MADIGAN CHRONICLES. More news will follow soon of where and when available.


I've missed the Samhain post as we had been through a category 2 hurricane Zeta. We were very fortunate to have kept our power, but unfortunately no internet for days. It was a scary and yet thrilling experience. The storm moved through fast and the damage was limited. The energy in the air was of the charts. The dogs weren't too thrilled. The days after everybody cleaned up and there are still piles of branches and leaves out there, waiting to be picked up.

However, I still wanted to share some of the Halloween yards in our neighborhood. They are



No recipes this time as we're on a diet. Luckily it goes very well, so hopefully back to them soon!


I did a reading for my self on the very cute Halloween board from Jamie Sawyer, you should check out her Etsy store, her work is beautiful. You can find her also on Instagram @JamieSawyer_336 .

I used the Bohemian Gothic Tarot and the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot from Baba Studio. Also worth a visit, their quality is superb,

Would love to hear your thoughts on the reading! You can reach out to me via the website contact page of via Facebook or Instagram.


Stay safe and healthy, I'll be back soon!

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