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Blessed Beltane!

Beltane Fire

Celebrating this day with an evening at Brigit's Garden in Ireland is such a joy. We shared a lovely evening dancing around the May pole, singing and dancing around the fire. What more can a witch want?!

If you ever find yourself on the west coast of Ireland, it's a must visit. A place full of magic and connection to the land.


Time for a little update on "The Madigan Chronicles!"

I'm busy writing book 5 "The Queen of Fairy", Ireland gives me that quiet time, and inspiration in nature that is keeping me going. Nicole is working on the cards and doing a brilliant job again!

"The Cup" won First Place in Women's--Fantasy at the SPRING 2023 The BookFest Awards. 2nd Place in Fantasy-- Magic, Myths & Legends, and in Supernatural-- Supernatural Creators & Beings. On top of that it also got 2nd Place in Urban Fantasy & 2nd Place in Magical Realism of the Firebird Bookawards. And happy it got received an Honorable Mention in the 2023 London Book Festival in the category-- Genre Based.

So it's been a great few weeks!


Spring is such a happy time of year. Nature is bursting to life. Several minutes ago I noticed the first cornflowers came out in my garden and had its first customer!

I've been working in my garden, and it's great to see that I'm finally getting a handle on it.

Below a little gallery of places I've walked the last couple of weeks. The weather is unpredictable, but when the sun comes out, it's immediately pleasant. I hope you all get a chance to soak up some spring sun.



Last I wanted to alert you that there's an amazing fundraiser for ocean conservation. 100 well known nature photographers have donated a picture. You can now get your hands on some wonderful pictures for only $100/$200, and the money goes 100% to ocean conservation. It's a win-win situation is you like photography. And a great way to celebrate Beltane, honoring the earth.

I ordered two prints today! Can't wait.

Wishing you all a wonderful Beltane or May Day!



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