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Beltane! Happy May Day.

Such a wonderful time of year! Everything is growing, hopefully not only in nature, but also in your life. What are your plans? Did you set intentions that have sprouted?


I had some marvelous news the last couple of weeks. "THE WAND" The Madigan Chronicles #3 won several book awards! I was thrilled to get this kind of recognition.

It took the top spot in the category Genre-Based of the London Book Festival.

First Place in Urban Fantasy of the Firebird Book Awards and second place in the category Magical Realism.

And a finalist in the category Romance and Women's Fiction of the Maxy Awards.

Plenty of motivation to keep going with Book 4 "THE CUP". As I'm in Ireland I find it easier to keep my focus and feed the witch soul, to tab into for the books.


Even though today the weather is cold and damp we have already enjoyed a fine spring here in Ireland. Here some pictures that makes you smile and get that spring feeling.

Blessed Beltane and enjoy the spring time!



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